Consumer-driven ideas plus unique recipes equal successful products


The right idea for your organization at the right time. Our targeted process follows a choreographed, orderly progression that minimizes the risk normally associated with new products or product rejuvenation. We work with you to create the food and beverage products that fit consumers' desires.

Targeted Food Product Research & Development Services

Aeschbach, Inc. is a full-service product development company for the food and beverage industry, providing comprehensive or selected services to complement your in-house operations. Experienced in the areas of food and beverage product development, scale-ups and production startups, we help transform great recipe ideas into successful food products. Following is a comprehensive list of our services.

  • Collaborative Product Ideation
  • Concept Identification
  • Prototype Creation
  • Consumer Exposure and Assessment
    Measure product success through store tests, surveys and in-store demonstrations.
  • Prototype Refinement
  • Product Presentations
  • Prototype Scale up
    Assist manufacturers during product Scale-ups matching production samples with Research and Development controls.
    • Quality Control Protocols
    • Reduced Cost Formulation
    • Production Startups
    • Production Specifications
    • Vendor Specifications
      Develop and issue specifications to inform vendors of company delivery requirements on items such as temperature on arrival, sampling procedures, cleanliness of delivery vehicle etc.
    • Equipment Consulting
      Assess, evaluate and recommend equipment. Assist with plant design work and product flow.
  • Integrated Support Services
    • Full-service Marketing Research including focus groups and surveys
    • Naming
    • Packaging
    • Pricing
    • Menu Design & Optimization
    • Nutritional Facts Panel & Ingredients Statement Development
    • Microwave Testing
  • Product Testing Programs
    • Understand products that need to be produced
    • Aid in development of new products
    • Provide direction for product change
    • Test new products for consumer acceptability
    • Test new products to determine concept/product fit
    • Assess revised formulations for product improvements